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I created some branding images for a friend of mine in the Icon Collective, a music production education program in. My name got passed around to some other students, and I ended up doing a lot of these concept images, some of which were posted to artists' Soundcloud pages.

In September of 2015, I worked with a local contractor and designer named Michael Caponigro. I created concept images for a bid, and some custom brass fixtures.

I founded EmblemObjects in May of 2014, with the goal of making bespoke custom products with 3d printing technology. We launched at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas in May of 2015. Though we did get some orders, didn't grow at a healthy enough rate, and in February of 2016, the business was dissolved.

GermFalcon manufactures an mobile UV system for cleaning airplanes. In March of 2016 I was hired to create visuals for pitching purposes. 

May through September of 2014 I worked with NanoHifi, a stereo company, to create a display for the Dwell on Design Conference in LA.

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